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  August 17, 1970   Photo of 911 Tape  
  August 17, 1970   Omaha World Herald, "the officers, using flashlights, searched the darkened house and its lot after after police received a '911' emergency - number telephone call that a woman was screaming at that address." and "Pattavina said police had been receiving other 'phony calls' from the Twenty-eighth and Ohio area."  
  August 18, 1970   Omaha World Herald, "Gates had 'no comment' on whether voice prints - the use of voice sound to determine identity - would be useful in finding the male who called police at 2:07 a.m. Monday to report a 'woman screaming' at the Ohio Street address."  
  August 19, 1970   Omaha World Herald, "Deputy Chief Walter J. Devere said a copy of the telephone tape of the call has been sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington for voice analysis."  
  August 19, 1970   FBI Crime Lab Memo, "The results of any examination will not be furnished directly to the Police but orally conveyed through the SAC of Omaha."  
  October 1?, 1970   FBI Director Memo to SAC Omaha, "Assistant COP GLENN GATES, Omaha PD, advised that he feels that any use of tapes of this call might be prejudicial to the police murder trial against two accomplices of PEAK and, therefore, has advised that he wishes no use of this tape until after the murder trials of PEAK and the two accomplices has been completed."  
  April 1, 1971   Thomas Kenney Opening Statement, "the police have a Voicegram; in other words, every call that is placed to the emergency number at the police station is recorded."  
  December 20, 1974   Omaha Police Destroyed 911 Tape (images taken from British documentary).  
  April 18, 1978   Lieutenant James Perry's note to the FBI to erase the 911 tape.  
  October 23, 1980   George Winkler Dies, Omaha Chief of Communications.  
  December 19, 1982   Ben Gray's Documentary Douglas County Attorney Donald Knowles said, "even if I didn't [tell Rice & Poindexter's attorney's about the tape] it wasn't necessary."  
  1990   British Documentary, "All emergency calls are recorded as a matter of course, but in the early nineteen seventies the Omaha police claimed the only tape recording at Duane Peak's call had been destroyed."  
  2006   Duane Peak Voice Analysis  
  2010   Attorney Robert Bartle on 911 tape  
  2010   Attorney Timothy Ashford on 911 tape  
  August 11, 2012   Kietryn Zychal speaking at Black August 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska  


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