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HARAMBEE FLAME                                                Volume XXIII No.4
April, 2002
Editorial Policy
The HARAMBEE FLAME is the monthly newsletter of
the Harambee Afrikan Cultural organization (Nebraska
State Pen chapter). Ours is a pan-Africanist publication,
meaning that we view all people of African descent as
one African people, having certain basic interests in
common. Also, the HARAMBEE FLAME attempts to
be Africentric, in that, through study of the' history,
cultures, and traditional values of African people, we
seek to have and cultivate an African way of looking at
The main purposes of the HARAMBEE FLAME are to
stimulate and inform. We list "stimulate" first because,
more than anything else, we want our readers to be
moved to question their/your own ideas, lives, and the
circumstances in which we live and to challenge those
things that must be challenged in order for us to move
from a condition of mental and spiritual servitude and
physical dependence upon Caucasian institutions to a
state of collective self-determination. Toward this
purpose, we present commentaries, poems, etc. These do
not necessarily represent the official positions of the
Harambee Afrikan Cultural Organization.
The HARAMBEE FLAME provides information
because wise people want to know what's going on and
because certain kinds of information can stimulate the
mind, inspire people to want to act, and influence them to
pursue proper understanding so that the actions they take
will be as effective as possible. The main vehicle we use
to provide information is our "From Other Sources"
feature in which we make an effort to provide news
about the problems we African people are confronted by
and the steps we are taking to resolve them. In this
feature, we try to provide coverage of the activities of
African people and developments affecting us in the
U.S., the nations of Africa, and elsewhere. In
"Commentary," we offer analysis of and views about
current events and developments.
We encourage you to send your comments, essays,
poems, etc. to: HARAMBEE FLAME; Harambee
Afrikan Cultural Organization; P.O. Box 2500; Lincoln,
NE.; 68542-2500.
Harambee Afrikan Cultural Organization Creed
Together we seek to know that which is us, to expand
our collective consciousness of who we are and whence
we come. We exalt in the fact that Africans are beautiful
in our own right, rather than at the expense of any other